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4th Jul, 2011

One week into the summer holiday and already I'm so bored I feel like throwing myself out of the window.

This is going to be a wonderful three months.
Look at me, actually doing a blog for once.

I went to Paris last week. It was expensive.

College continues to be rubbish, as do the people I know rl. I have no motivation.

I still can't get a job.

And I'm probably not going to get one in the near future because I just died my hair bright red.

Isn't my life so exciting?
They marked my History coursework down to a B. I don't even.

It's not just mine they marked down. But still. I now have to find £21 so I can resubmit an essay which I cannot improve upon.


6th Jan, 2011

Cambridge letters came today. I didn't get in.

It would've been nice to go, but... I don't know. I guess it was just a bit unrealistic of me to hope.

Oh well. London, here I come then. At least the parents won't be whinging on at me for choosing to go there over anywhere else now. Not really looking forward to telling them though. I'll be in for months worth of "Oh, you're not good enough" afterwards. Sigh.


In which I go for interviews.

Today has been pretty amazing.

I woke up early, and somehow managed to be ready before my parents were, which is a novelty. Then we got in the car and, in between sitting in long traffic queues, we managed to drive to Cambridge. We got there at about 12:40, and I ditched my parents (who, by this point, were getting pretty annoying) quick smart and just headed off to the student's waiting room, where I chatted with some other prospective students.

Our test was at one. It was... pretty crazy. I did 'what -if anything - is 'wrong' with popular history?' and... I suppose the less said about that, the better. After the test, I had about an hour to kill, and I went back with everyone else to the waiting room and ended up having an epic chat with a second year about all kinds of stuff.

The interviews themselves were alright. I think. The sources one was just plain scary, but my interviewers seemed quite positive about it. Afterwards, Biagini (the 19th/20th century Ireland expert) told me he thought my essay on the short term effects of the Irish Potato Famine was good, so I was pretty happy with that. The second interview was slightly less scary, but they asked some awkward questions about my essay, in relation to the impact of Irish-American emigrants. I was totally not prepared for that, but I think I got around it okay. Dr Fulda (who is Director of Studies in History and also the Dean at Sidney) was really nice, and even asked me which part of my personal statement I'd like to be questioned on. He also recommended a book to me, but I've totally forgotten what it was called, idiot that I am.

And then I got some fudge, ans then we went home. Now I'm feeling an odd combination of happiness that it's all over/I didn't epically fuck up, apprehension and exhaustion.

Although I really shouldn't be worrying just yet. Apparently they won't be getting back to me until the new year.

Fic: Needing/Getting

Title: Needing/Getting
Characters: Moriarty, Jeff Hope, mentions of Sherlock.
Rating: PG13.
Word Count: 1, 284
Summary: Mention to anyone that you’re the head of a large crime syndicate who gets paid to organise and perpetrate crime on a national and sometimes even global level and, chances are they will, more than likely, assume you have quite a thrilling job.
Warnings: Mentions of drugs, and one little swear. Mild spoilers for ‘A Study in Pink’ and ‘The Great Game’
Disclaimer: Alas, I don’t Holmes and Watson aren’t mine. I’m only playing, and I promise to put everything back when I’m done.

Like any job, it can get a little boring.Collapse )


So, I received my Sherlock DVD yesterday and... I pretty much spent the entire day watching the special features and listening the the commentaries. (Seriously. The only thing I have yet to do is re-watch the episodes themselves). What I'm most interested in though, was the pilot. It's something that the whole fandom has been wanting to see and... well, I think it was worth the wait. I loved it. Here's why.

A summary, complete with pictures and some thinky thoughts!Collapse )

Fic: My Mind Rebels At Stagnation (3/3)

Title: My Mind Rebels At Stagnation (3/3)
Characters: Sherlock Holmes, John Watson
Word Count: 1,854
Summary: Final part of My Mind Rebels At Stagnation. John confronts Sherlock about his substance issues. (Part One can be found here and Part Two here)
Warnings: Mentions of drugs and addiction
Disclaimer: Alas, Sherlock doesn’t belong to me. I’m only playing, and I promise to put everything back when I’m done.
A/N: Stylistically, this is really different to the previous two parts. I hope you all like it :)

If this incident had occurred earlier in their relationship, John would’ve given up and just waited for Sherlock to come out of his own accord instead of confronting him.Collapse )


Fic: You Know You're Never Coming Back

Title: You Know You’re Never Coming Back
Characters: John Watson
Rating: G
Word Count: 221
Summary: As the months go by, John finds himself becoming more like Sherlock.
Disclaimer: Alas, Sherlock doesn’t belong to me. I’m only playing, and I promise to put everything back when I’m done.
A/N: I’ve seen a few 221B ficlets around, and I thought I might try one myself. (FYI: a 221B ficlet must contain exactly 221 words and the last word must begin with B.) Also, this is un-beta'd, so if you spot any mistakes, please let me know :)

Finding body parts in the flat has become commonplace.Collapse )


Fic: Too Lost In You

Title: Too Lost In You
Pairing: Molly/Sherlock (one-sided, of course)
Rating: PG
Word Count: 780
Summary: Sherlock’s eccentricities intrigue her rather than put her off, and there’s nothing she’d like more than to be able to understand him. Contains spoilers for ‘A Study in Pink’
Disclaimer: Alas, Holmes and Watson aren’t mine. I’m only playing, and I promise to put everything back when I’m done.

The way his mind works is completely fascinating, although that’s only half the attraction.Collapse )