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6th Jan, 2011

Cambridge letters came today. I didn't get in.

It would've been nice to go, but... I don't know. I guess it was just a bit unrealistic of me to hope.

Oh well. London, here I come then. At least the parents won't be whinging on at me for choosing to go there over anywhere else now. Not really looking forward to telling them though. I'll be in for months worth of "Oh, you're not good enough" afterwards. Sigh.



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6th Jan, 2011 11:24 (UTC)
Bah. Sorry to hear it. At least the night life in London is better!
6th Jan, 2011 11:27 (UTC)
Yeah, I guess there is that to look forward to.
6th Jan, 2011 17:07 (UTC)
Oh, honey, don't allow anyone to make you feel bad over this. It's a game of chance, y'know? I'm sure you'll love London and enjoy not being under such a stupid amount of pressure. And hey, you're only 45 minutes away on the train if I ever decide to stalk you.
6th Jan, 2011 19:51 (UTC)
Yeah. I'm trying not to get too down about it (although it doesn't exactly help that my mother will not shut up about the whole thing... *rolleyes*) I know I'll enjoy London. And if I choose UCL, I won't have to stress over exams because I know I can get the grades I need for it. Swings and roundabouts, I suppose.

And, you know, knowing people will still be able to stalk me is always a plus :P
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